More workers waking up

(Unions, wages, piece of the pie, worker sentiment - integral part of economics, though in some bastions they tend to forget that and just shout "15 an hour! and go back to looking at investment statements)

Who says there’s never good news.

While the well educated and well earning corporate Starbuck folks are slowly learning about fairness, and how unfair labor practices won’t be tolerated, and how their shareholders are in process of learning to share more… here’s to this small band of brothers and sisters, fine young folk at a Chipotle.…

“A Chipotle restaurant in Michigan becomes the first in the chain to unionize”…

“Workers at the Chipotle in Lansing cited wages and under-scheduling as the impetus for their campaign. They said some workers at their store make around $13 an hour and aren’t getting enough hours to afford basic necessities”

Back in the day, some voices asked - if the true problem is why so many need entry level work as a livelihood – luckily— we silenced such extreme voices.

Now, the well educated Chipotle people are citing things like “$5250 in tuition!” - big deal - that doesn’t pay a "generous, fair-minded equality conscious " campus even close to what it costs. Corporate folks say “$37 million in bonuses!!” - good, so 100,000 people got $370 bucks. That barely pays the gym membership or vet bills for the puppy.

Chipotle stockholders have enjoyed TONS off prosperity over the years. Their rewards - simply over downloading a 401K statement far outweigh the rewards for those doing the work. The unionizing workers say that pay is too low, and that they are being forced to take on multiple-tasks.

Another small step.

A giant leap for the shareholder - learning to share.

It’s too bad this unionization drive is too new. If it were mature, we should explore claw-backs on shareholders, someone should give that idea out :wink:

But until then - I hope these young folks seeking fairness stay focused, and I hope they don’t get divided amongst themselves. Solidarity is important - - and hopefully their social media savvy spreads the word.

“All across the nation…there’s a new generation…of people in motion…if you’re going, to San Francisco”

Lovely news. I’ll take what I can get.

Disclosure: Zero shares in Chipotle (my loss), and have never been to one.