Sorry to post this here. I know it doesn't belong

It’s good news.


Not surprised at all. Been waiting to see some evidence. Thanks.

This is a great economy.

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…that should trickle down to stock prices and covered call trading.

Earlier this week my calls were looking pretty dismal until Jerome talked good news

The Captain


“There are lies, there are damned lies and there are statistics”
(various sources)

The Treasury used the cost of a “consumption bundle”…

…Yellen pointed to the example of eggs

Yep, egg prices have come down, but they have not included a few things in their consumer bundle:

Rent Increased by 30% or More This Year in Some U.S. Cities – 2023 Study

That $1,000 saving in ‘eggs’ will soon be wiped out

I’ve studied enough statistics to know that statistics will tell you anything but the truth

Statstics from any government - just lies, which strangely people still believe :rofl:


@Divitias buy gold!

20 bars


eggxactly :slight_smile:

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One kg bar is nice. 20 of them at once means you have WAY too much cash sitting on the sidelines.

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Did you read the article??

It says specifically that housing is included in the bundle and even discusses it.