2023: 281.3 Per Person

Thats the number of eggs consumed annually in the United States. Until I looked it up I didn’t know that. Thats seems like a lot. Comes to over 23 dozen or so. So what do eggs cost? Well…that depends on where you might be buying them. For example, in Florida you can latch on to a dozen for about $6-7 bucks while in Hawaii the same eggs will take you back for over $9. And those are 2023 prices. Good Grief!

Business Note 1: It should be stated that the cost of a dozen eggs depends on what type of eggs they are. For example free range eggs cost more than your regular ole chicken coop eggs. Keep this in mind also.

Why are egg prices so high? It was that ‘dagum’ avian flu that caused over 43 million chickens to die. That is also a lot. The prices went up due to dead chickens creating scarcity and they have not looked back (the prices not the chickens) even though the chicken population has been restored. Hmmm.

On average, 100 laying Hens will produce 82 eggs a day. Let’s keep that number in mind.

Business Note 2: Different types of eggs are more expensive than others. For example, free range chicken eggs cost more than your ordinary everyday chicken coop eggs. And so on and so forth.

Given the vast amount of profit in the egg selling industry I wanted to take a moment to share an astute business idea with folks. This concept is one I have been working with for quite a while and have fine tuned it into an extraordinary opportunity which I am going to give you absolutely free. Thats right: free!

Business Note 3: This opportunity is targeted at entrepreneurial types whose goal is to make money. So - if you don’t want to make a bundle of money that you can then use to buy really hot stocks - then this is not for you.

The opportunity that the Champico Industries Think Tank have come up with is called: Residential Farmers of America. In format it is much like a CO-OP only different. It’s all in the fine print which we will explain at the Residential Farmers of America training facility. (Yes - there will be live chickens on display.)

What if I told you that you can easily clear $10,000 per month using our specially designed program? In fact, a real go-getter, a high motivated Residential Farmer of America could see five times that number - A MONTH! I know…I know…it sound to good to be true. So - let’s get into the program and go thru the math.

It’s really simple. As a Residential Farmer of America you are authorized by Champico Industries to develop your egg production by working closely with the multi-family industry. Here is how you do it:

Let’s take an average every day run of the mill apartment community. While they come in all sizes the standard is about 200 units in a garden style community. Half up - half down. What you do is take your Champico Industries Residential Farmers of American Authorization Form to the property manager who will provide you unfettered access to the community.

Once you have community access - you simply go door to door and give every lower level unit resident two chickens and every upper unit resident one chicken. Even accounting for the standard 5% vacancy you have given out 285 chickens. Those chickens will produce 233 eggs per day - or - 6.990 eggs per month.

Every morning you simply go door-to-door and collect the eggs which you then package for sale. This comes to 582 dozen eggs a month which you will then sell at your Official Residential Farmers of America Egg Stand for $4.99 a dozen - craftily undercutting the big boys who sell through the various giant chains by a couple of bucks or so. Now I ask you: Who can resist a deal like that? Fresh eggs at market beating prices! Why it’s remarkable - it’s fantastic and it’s gigantic.

Ok so now you’ve made $2,904. But - you need to pay the property manager a little something and share profits with the residents which; when all is said and done, will net you $2 grand a month.

Now what about that easy $10K I was talking about? Well - if you can do it at one multi-family property you just continue to expand into others. Only placing 5 Multi-Family community in your program will net that $10K. And do you think there are only 5 standard apartment communities in the area? Of course not. Why I bet there are more: dozens more - and some even larger communities available to expand your Official Residential Farmers of America program into.

Now as I said before - Champico Industries is willing to provide more detailed training and instruction to get your Residential Farmers of America program up and running fast and producing those profits others only dream about.

Business Note 4: In consideration for this absolutely free opportunity each applicant must agree to purchase his/her chicken inventory exclusively from Champico Industries.

Thats it. We ask nothing more than commitment to your program. We will even provide, completely free of charge, your personalized Residential Farmers of America Marketing Guide that is chock full of insider tips like:

  • How to package your eggs

  • Making sure your Eggs for Sale sign is spelled correctly

  • And lots of other stuff like that.

You can’t do this on your own. Trust us. But go ahead and try. Visit a multi-family property tomorrow and explain your program to them and see how they react. Unless you understand our suave and seamless marketing strategy this is borderline impossible. However, using our eventually proven techniques you can be up and running in no time.

Business note 5: Champico Industries sells only the highest grade, good looking chickens.

I fully expect this opportunity to be snapped up by savvy, professional smart guys and can only initially accept 5,000 in the program.

All the Best,
BDH Investing


I just want to know how much they charge for throwing eggs. Those have to be cheaper right?



I think those are more expensive because they have to comply with state and federal assault laws.

All the Best,
BDH Investing