2023 prediction/trading strategy article

They’re going to be continually pulled into false breakouts in both directions. No sooner will they get into a trade than it will turn around and bite them. And that will rip up plenty of trading accounts in 2023,

It’s why in 2023, I’ll stick with my mean reversion strategy.

I’m going to look to get in on the other end of the trade when rallies and pullbacks run out of steam. And then I’ll aim to profit when they revert to the mean.

It’s the only viable (and profitable) way I see to trade the coming market.

Make no mistake, 2023 will be a trader’s market. That means being nimble, being vigilant, and ruthlessly sticking to your trading plan.

And, as always, taking your profits when you see them.

I like this guys thoughts on 2023…doc



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LOL, some bad comments there. I still like his idea that this will be more of an up down market and trade off of that knowledge…doc

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