$220 sweater for $20

DW got a $100 gift certificate to Eileen Fisher for her birthday in January. She looked multiple times in store and online for something to buy with it, but anything she liked would have still cost at least double that amount. So she waited.

Yesterday, she got an email about a July 4 sale going on. So we popped online, found a lovely merino wool sweater, normally $220, on sale at half price. Bingo. With the gift cert, total cost of the $220 sweater including tax and (free) shipping = $20. Got an email this morning that it had shipped. Yay!


One other tool for saving - portals. cashbackmonitor.com is where I usually go but Chase, CapOne and Amex have various types of offers/portals.

But $20 is a great deal. :wink: