33% revenue share in servers

woo hoo!

All of these developments have led AMD to capture even more hold of the x86 segment and as of right now, its total client market share stands at 20.6% and its revenue share sits at 16.3%. This is a 3.6-point gain versus last year.

Coming to the per-segment market and revenue share, AMD’s server division grew to 23.6% with a record revenue reported at 33.0%. This is a 5.6-point gain in market and a 5.2-point gain in revenue share versus last year. The desktop side also gained 4.7 points in the market and 3.8 points in revenue share versus last year.

Lastly, we have the mobile side which saw a 3.1-point increase in the market and a 4.0-point increase in revenue share. The mobile segment was the only one that saw a decline versus the last quarter which was mainly due to decreased low-end PC sales but the Ryzen 8040 series ramp made up for it by gaining more through the revenue share. Following are the major highlights of AMD’s Q1 2024 market share and revenue:

** Server revenue share increased 5.2% points Y/Y and 1.2% points Q/Q to a record 33%. As we noted during our first quarter earnings call, server CPU sales increased y/y driven by growth in enterprise adoption and expanded cloud deployments.*
** Client revenue share increased 3.8% points Y/Y and 1% points Q/Q to 16.3%, led by Ryzen mobile CPU sales nearly doubling year-over-year as new Ryzen 8040 notebooks ramped.*