AMD clawing back market share

AMD owns about 20% of the desktop CPU market and nearly a quarter of servers according to new figures for the third quarter of 2023 from Mercury Research. That’s up by about 5% in both cases compared to AMD’s share this time last year.

Mercury also says that for the market as a whole, both desktop and mobile CPU sales grew in Q3 2023 at “well above normal seasonal rates.” Their overall conclusion? “The market is indeed exiting the turbulent downturn created by a post-COVID bubble of excess shipments and inventory that began in mid-2021.”

On the mobile side, Mercury’s figures show a more modest uptick for AMD of 3.8% market share year on year. But the research outfit notes that AMD’s mobile figures are likely flattered by inventory adjustments in the so-called channel rather than necessarily reflecting, you know, laptop sales for AMD.

I found this one from Toms Hardware…doc

AMD Comes Roaring Back, Gains Market Share in Laptops, PCs and Server CPUs | Tom’s Hardware (

edit: not much is said about the gpu market