Mercury Research, AMD takes more share

AMD Continues PC and Server Market Share Gains Amid Slumping Demand…

That consistent execution continues to pay off. AMD took big strides in the mobile/laptop market again, setting another record for unit share in that segment with 24.8%. AMD also gained in the server market for the 13th consecutive quarter, reaching 13.9% of the market. Notably, AMD’s quarterly gain in servers is the largest we’ve seen in our historical data, which dates back to 2017.

Mercury Research data in article
Desktop 20.6% (+2.3% Q/Q)
Notebook/Mobil 24.8% (+2.3% Q/Q)
Server 13.9% (+2.3 Q/Q)

AMD Reported to Tom’s Hardware
Edit: AMD shared the following revenue share information (this is different than the unit share listed in the tables below):
In desktop, AMD revenue share increased 0.7 share points year over year to 18.8%.
In notebook, AMD revenue share increased 12.1 share points year over year to 27.0% – an all-time high for AMD.
In server, AMD revenue share increased 11.3 share points year over year to 22.9%.
In overall x86, AMD revenue share increased 11.2 share points year over year to 28.1% – an all-time high for AMD.