Apple hit $3 trillion capitalization for a little while today.


It looks like Apple investors threw quite a birthday bash.


Beginning the New Year on the right foot! Hopefully holds!

So far my predictions have been correct over the last two years where they would end up. Anyone care to guess end of 2022?
240-250? Possible or do we now just count trillions and how realistic is that?
25% increase would take it to $225.00. I will take that with glee. 35% to about 243! I added last year when they dipped to $126.00 and fully expect some rough water along the way but smooth sailing in the end and if I get another opportunity to increase my stake that’s the cost of doing business plus what a way to do so, more divs, and new products to look forward to.
Thank you Apple and Happy New Year with much health and prosperity to you all.

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I’ll take a shot…

They’re loping along right now at between 35% and 50% per annum…

At 1.35 X, the bottom guesstimate would be $180 X 1.35 =~$245.

Barring any black swans showing up on the scene.