✔ 4:00 AM EST, FRI, 9 DEC 22: Futures and the End of Day Looks at $SPX & Its 11 Sectors + CNN Fear and Greed Index

Futures for 4:00 AM EST, FRI, 9 DEC 22

Heat Map for S&P 500 & Its Eleven Sectors for End of Day, THU, 8 DEC 22

CNN Fear & Greed Index Closed at a 57 which is in the “Greed Zone” on THU, 8 DEC 22

$NATGAS Futures have exploded to the upside in the last hour. And the indices have all fallen into the red. Added some more $BOIL in the pre-market. Now looking at 31.88 average price through adding the past two days.

9:15 AM EST look for FRI, 9 DEC 22

$NATGAS daily, weekly, and monthly charts. We will most definitely see a bullish breakout above the down trendline on that daily chart:

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Just a tip for those of you learning how to trade for a living in the pre-markets:

Finviz is 15 minutes behind on data when you use the free subscription; however, finviz does use real data for futures.

That said, if you’re monitoring futures like I do early market - and you make trades off these futures - be sure to switch to the 5-minute chart on finivz futures for the symbol you wish to look at.

This is simpler than me trying to walk you through futures charts on ThinkorSwim platform, which is superior to finviz charts.

But we won’t go there. Way too time consuming. The best thing to do videos on ToS on their website or on youtube. That way, you can go back to stuff not making sense.

Finviz 5-minute charts for $NAT GAS right now:

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$BOIL has been kicking it hard the past three days in bullish volume:

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3:30 PM EST look at the Natural Gas Contract Price Chart from finviz. This would be a five-minute chart in real time:

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:pushpin: An arctic blast is sweeping across Europe.

:pushpin: Latest forecasts show average temperatures across Northwest Europe could fall to around 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

:pushpin: The cold weather snap is weighing on European gas inventories, sending energy prices higher.

Hmmmm. I’m just going to hold all my $BOIL over the weekend. This could be a multi-week bull run.

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This is another thing that is difficult to understand.

Why would prices jump based on a cold weather front. It’s nearly winter. How is it a surprise that there will be periodic bursts of cold weather?


Anyway… it’s suggests there is more wishful thinking in the market than I realized and there may be opportunity to benefit from all the upcoming “surprise” cold snaps… during winter. LOL

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.