4:15 AM EST, 23 NOV 22, Futures, Heat Map, & the CNN Fear & Greed Index

Futures at 4:15 AM EST, WED, 23 NOV 22

Heat Map for S&P 500 and its Eleven Sectors as of end of day, yesterday, TUE, 22 NOV 22



These are confusing times for me, investing-wise. I have difficulty identifying investments that are appealing to me.

Among the FAANG stocks, all seem to struggling with issues. Even BRK-B seems to have lapsed into a slow growth mode (of course, their results are heavily influenced by AAPL these days). The go-go hyper growth SaaS companies continue to grow, but valuations are often concerning and dilution through stock options are quite an offset to the growth.

Oil and gas have been good, but further share appreciation is more closely tied to commodity pricing than to actual growth in output, making returns less certain.

MSFT seems to be doing well, but is certainly not cheap.

TSLA is doing well, but there are concerns with China… and the CEO seems to be a weight on the stock. Perhaps announcement of new factories and new products would get investors enthused about the company’s future again.

I dunno… typically it’s been pretty easy to see more brilliant investing opportunities, but lately… I. Just. Don’t. Know.

Any brilliant suggestions out there?

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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