415 posts a week here

I throw this in as an idea. From noon on Sunday 10th. - noon on Sunday 17th. there were 415 posts to the board or about 60 posts a day. Time is short and I find too often I have to select rather than read them all. It’s daunting to find there are so many. And I am as guilty as anyone of going off at a tangent to the subject!

I am going to really try to stick to the matter in hand (very fast revenue growers and their business credentials) and not get diverted. Otherwise the board we are all lucky to enjoy, not to mention profit from, becomes badly diluted by instructions to novice investors, ineligible companies, questions of portfolio structure and other divergencies from the value inherent in maintaining a specialized theme so it can be easily followed.


+1 on keeping the board relevant. I got life-busy and had to miss skimming this board for a few weeks and came back to like 4000 new entries. At that point you start thinking “I’ll never catch up” and put it off… meanwhile, more entries come in, snowballing the problem.

I realize there’s no particular meat in this reply, either, but the SNR on this board is definitely going down as more people chime in.

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