Wow, 6000 posts. I’ve read every one, by and large on the days they were posted. Wonder how much content that is compared to a book. Except it’s better than a lot of books because it’s near-real-time with real life examples every day. Sweet.


Thanks Chris, I’ve read every one too. What a great board and great bunch of people contributing. We’ve talked about everything from investment philosophy to individual stocks and math puzzles, with people contributing from Hong Kong and India to Brazil, Switzerland, Holland and Germany. And we have learned so much along the way! Thanks again to all of you.



I only recently discovered this board - I love it - I check in everyday.

Problem is yesterday I was travelling so this morning there are 67 new posts!! I can’t keep up!!

Congrats on a very dynamic helpful board that welcomes all sorts of diverse points of view. Heck even SpiffyPop and Tom the Great One spend time here!


A Supernova member who owns most of the Superstocks but few of Saul’s… a temporary situation