$69,554 Markup To F-150 Lightning

… we need auto dealers like we need for-profit Medicare Advantage.

Ford Dealer Adds $69,554 Markup To F-150 Lightning (Update)

A Florida Ford dealer, Gary Smith Ford in Fort Walton Beach, is currently asking $140,600 for a relatively well-equipped F-150 Lightning. The Lightning in question has an MSRP of $71,049. This means Gary Smith Ford is applying a simply ludicrous $69,554 “market adjustment” - almost doubling the price of the truck.



Are they selling lemonade for $500 per glass too?

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If someone buys it, that’s good marketing. If nobody buys it, the dealer will cut the price until someone DOES buy it.

That’s free-market capitalism.



Yeah they are horrible. Those Big Corporations making billions and billions - that’s saintly.

You want to be ‘one of the first’ you pay.

Same for every new ‘gadget’ that everybody just ‘has to have’.

First computers? $400 for a kit with a 8008 processor…

Radio Shack TRS-80 with 2 floppy drives and expansion interface and dot matrix printer…$2000 in 1981…

First iPhones… first muscle cars…

Within a few months of production you’ll be haggling to get a 10-15% discount off MSRP on the Lightning…


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Yeah they are horrible. Those Big Corporations making billions and billions - that’s saintly.

This isn’t Ford. This is a Ford dealer, so I doubt they are making billions and billions.
But who knows? The average dealer sells ~1000 cars per year at a price of $40,000-ish.

I think they must make the rest of the billions on getting people to renew their car warranty.


Precisely. I just wonder why we laud anyone from Apple to Tesla for “great margins”… yet vilify another entity - especially when it’s transparently priced.

I also doubt they are making billions.

Odds are - netting 3% of sales. (4.9% if the owner of the place is awesome at what he does and has a compact staff) but in reality probably around 3%…

@avg yearly sales dollars of oh, around $50 million - yeah the business is netting around $1.5mill.

It’s elevated right now because of short supply and higher gross profits per unit but 3% is still a realistic average over time.