$F Re-Opens Lightning Orders, Ups Price

Electrek headline: Ford reopens F-150 Lightning orders, increases prices $6-8.5k, std EPA to 240 miles
Peter Johnson

- Aug. 9th 2022 6:42 am PT


So far, Ford is seeing incredibly strong demand for its EV models. In fact, sales of the popular Ford F-150 Lightning are surging; Ford has sold over 4,400 year to date.

Furthermore, the legacy automaker has secured 70% of the battery capacity needed to reach its 2 million units by 2026. Next year, Ford looks to hit a run rate capacity of 600,000 units.

Ford has ambitious goals for the EV market, and so far, it’s been paying off. The legacy automaker is now second in EV sales in America, only behind EV leader Tesla. With this in mind, Ford hit 10.9% EV market share in July – its highest percentage yet. That’s with massive supply constraints on its three EVs, the Mustang Mach-e, E-Transit and F-150 Lightning.

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The thing I find fascinating is reading articles about EVs (primarily on Facebook).

A LOT of folks enraged by what they perceive as being forced to buy EVs at some time in the future. And, it seems, that’s not entirely misplaced unhappiness because it seems manufacturers will be largely dropping ICE vehicles. On the other hand, used ICE vehicles will be around for quite a few decades unless they are banned.

Personally, we love our EVs but would be perfectly happy for others to drive their ICE as long as they care to.

Also on those boards, a LOT of misinformation from what I’ll call the “EV haters”, mostly relating to supposed dangers of EVs and the impracticability of them. Indeed for some folks, they are not practical. Most anyone towing isn’t going to like an EV. Folks who drive to remote locations won’t like them. And, of course, the dreaded battery replacement issue. The time to replacement is currently unknown to a large extent (IMO) due to small sample size and insufficient time, at least with Teslas.

Anyway. A lot of anxiety out there.

We’ll be driving my wife’s Y from Charlotte to Panama City Beach soon. Based on many prior trips, such a trip is easy in a Tesla. There is even a Tesla trip planner telling you where to charge and for how long. (First stop is for 10 minutes, but that’s unusually short. Usually 20-30, but not many of them and hardly inconvenient because of bathroom breaks and meals.)

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Rob, if you have it in you, it would be very cool if you could simply start an OP while on vacation giving us “fillup” spots and time + $$$ it took at each location with description of the supercharger or charger power.

Charlotte? I’m a Richmond boy. You know, there are now more Panthers fans in Richmond than Deadskins fans ever since Snyder destroyed the franchise in the nation’s capital.

The last time I was up in Richmond, I saw more Panther’s flags and decals on cars than Washington Football Team. Once a lifelong Redskins fan, I can’t even recall what they chose as their new name. Commandos? Commanders?

Also, Richmond is slowly transitioning to the Hornets support instead of the Wizards. And keep in mind Richmond has always had “Charlotte Envy” all my life.

Anyway, enjoy the drive down.

I’m thinking two supercharger fillups on the road to get to Pensacola? If you guys stay at hotels on the way, let us know if the hotels have chargers for guests.

Fingers crossed you can post first-hand about it.

Here’s the route using my wife’s Model Y. https://www.tesla.com/trips#/?v=MY_2020_LongRange&o=Matt…

It’s different than I remember from last week… can’t explain that! It shows three stops going from the Charlotte area to Panama City Beach, with stops lasting 60, 40 and 10 minutes. And there is a charger at the place we’re staying on the beach. It isn’t a fast charger, but it’ll be fine overnight. Assuming others haven’t filled up the charging spaces… but that is likely to be temporary.

The stop in Georgia is where we’ll stop for the night, Columbus GA. That’s just 6 hours (368 miles) from home, but I don’t feel like driving straight through to PCB. The one hour stop in Fair Play SC is an unusually long stop (probably the longest we’ve ever had on an EV trip, but it’s supposedly 3 hours (163 miles) from home and might be a good place to stop for lunch* except I drive a lot faster than it seems to be assuming (It’s all Interstate highway and I’ll probably average 70 including traffic). There are 250KW chargers there and a one hour charge seems a bit over the top since the next stop is only 200 miles away from home. I suspect we’ll be in and out a lot sooner.

*Lunch: Supercharger may not have a decent place to eat so we may stop across the street first at Arby’s. I like their gyros.

My wife has already secured a room for us in Columbus GA. The Supercharger appears to be in a regional shopping center. Might walk to a restaurant for dinner while charging, but probably will eat before or after and do some local shopping/browsing. Hmmmmm… there’s a Thai place pretty close. Might do that instead!

The last leg to PCB is only 190 miles. I see no reason for that 10 minute stop. We’ll drive through, plug in and check in.

Former RB and BL Home Fool, Supernova Portfolio Contributor & Maintenance Fool
He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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