$F - The Verge on Ford Lightning: Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning is getting more expensive, again

Ford’s raising the price of its F-150 Lightning pickup yet again — this time, by about $4,000 (via CNBC). The increase affects both the entry-level Pro model for business customers and the consumer-focused XLT trim with no added options, which now start at $55,974 and $63,474, respectively.

For comparison, the Pro work truck initially started at $39,974 when it launched back in April, but subsequent price hikes brought the price up to $46,974 in August and $51,974 in October. The base XLT, on the other hand, launched with a sticker price of $52,974 before that increased to $59,474 several months later.

$F daily, weekly, and monthly charts

I’ll have to redraw the trendline on that weekly chart soon. I’ve got about 25 irons in the fire and I have yet to make coffee and sit with Nick on the porch and watch the wildlife wake up next door in White Heron Nature Preserve.

Ach, let me do that now. One less thing:

Old weekly chart for $F

New down trendline for $F weekly chart’s wedge

**A small T/A referral about my charts: I always re-draw trendlines when more than 2 points become available and continue a newer trend. Eventually, the new, longterm trendline will come out of hiding on the weekly charts (my fave chart time frame, I feel I could trade just weekly charts and still do as well as I do with daily charts and even smaller time frames broken into minutes. Toss in these new fields Wendy is talking about, and I dare say, we could come up with a new board generated stock picking service for FREE.

These won’t be Saul stocks without earnings or carrying un-manageable debts, especially long term bonds which a firm might have to flip into newer maturities with much higher interest rates.

Wendy is on to something. I like her thinking about scanning and I see some responses in that other thread. So, I guess my dead man’s sleep has prepared me for a day of hashing out a new scan - which I am gave for as long as the meds/pain pills/anemia/forgetfulness (my memory has suffered from all these doctor’s office visits, clinics, hospitals. I will have to re-read a long METAR post about our healthcare system because what I have learned firsthand is we have a national shortages of workers AND we most definitley have to start thinking patient advocates for our aging population.

*I will continue to post my chart work and lists on this board in one thread. And Wendy and other METARites can mess around with a scanning tool I’m about to turn them onto. Then, the finished product (the scan, whatever it is called, METAR’s Safe Room Stocks, Wendy’s Safe House Stocks, etc. is something I can screeshot every morning, very early, like now when I’m looking at and publishing the morning’s Futures, etc.

We add this scan to my scan for high SCTR stocks and whatever is spit out will be from the NASDAQ and NYSE. We are not going global on these stocks except for the occassional $TSM or $ASML etc. We’re going to stay in American stocks while the markets are in turmoil and rates are high. Overnight, I dreamed about those ADRs and overseas multi-nationals trading on these two exchanges, but, I will not be including any Russian or Chinese stocks without a vote of METARites. I am not making that call on my own as I am not steeped in F/A like some of the best on METAR.

Alright, I should have printed all this in the other thread but I will simply attache this post to it. Let me grab a look at the futures first.

Wait. As Jim Wright says on his bio, “Coffee First, Plug In Cat.”

Long, long tail of a new member of my household: Nick the Cat.

Nick escaped the soft jail of one of the best animal shelters in America this week. For the first time in his 2-year old life, Nick sits with me on the porch and occassionally goes out onto our deck and sniffs the deer, possum, raccoons, geckos (I’ve got one about 12 inches long who Nick fixates on while the gecko calls to him off the wall) and birds. Coffee’s ready. Let me go join Nick on the deck. Then we post futures and get to work on the Wendy screen which I think is going to be a real shot in my arm.