70% probability Russia’s war drags on for

Bill Browder seems to understand Russia and Putin pretty well, and he throws out a 70% chance this war drags on for years.

If Russian oil and gas sanctions last for years, it seems even more likely OXY would do well in that environment. Not that I’m hoping it drags on for years so we can gain financially obviously, but just trying to game out what might happen.

Will Europe be able to do without Russian oil and gas for that long? Can US or other producers take up the slack?



I predict the war will go on until it stops.

Putin, like all dictators will fight to the end. He’s determined that he’s going to make Russia whole again, whole in his eyes. And if for some reason, he stops for just a little time, he’s still going after what he wants until his death.

A prime example of self-will run riot.

Lucky Dog

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Putin, like all dictators will fight to the end.

Dictator, liberator all convenient labels we use to justify our own bias. How long US stayed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Inconvenient questions.