98 Russians Own More Than All of Russia


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Ex-CIA officer Alex Finley was writing a book in Spain about laundering of Russian money. She claims in a video interview that 98 Russian kleptocrats/oligarchs own more outside Russia than everyone inside Russia.

From the link contained inside my tweet:

"At least nine megayachts had been seized in Europe through Monday, though on Tuesday the Finnish government said it had detained an additional 21 yachts that it suspects may be owned by oligarchs.

With Russia’s destruction of Ukraine playing out in real time on Western television screens and social media, the focus on yachts owned by oligarchs who have financially benefited from close ties to Putin has intensified. The number of Finley’s Twitter followers has doubled, jumping to 40,000 over a single week as users have rushed to share tips, photos and commentary on the whereabouts of the ships.

“The world is terrible, the war is terrible, but this is fun because we’re all in it together,” said Finley, explaining the popularity of her Twitter feed. “Somebody on Twitter described it as a cross between ‘The Hunt for Red October’ and ‘The Amazing Race.’” With #Yachtwatch, she said, “we can all crowdsource; we can all be part of trying to get this information out. It’s our own little way to help.”"