Russian oligarchs lose everything...

Quite by coincidence, I’m sure…

Russian oligarchs suddenly lose everything and everyone they love.

2 Russian oligarchs were found dead one day apart alongside their wives and children, reports say…

I don’t know why I feel this way, but I suspect that these particular oligarchs may have somehow failed to meet their unwritten or secret obligations to Vladimir Putin. It’s just a hunch, of course.

Let’s just say I will not be surprised if the remaining living Russian oligarchs suddenly start urgently, publicly, and vociferously promoting Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Things that make you say “h-m-m-m-m.”


Looks like Vlad the Impaler II is sending a message to his minions.

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If I was a Russian oligarch, I would find a compelling reason to vacation with my whole family … anywhere far from Russia. Putin is going “full Stalin.” Stalin killed countless supporters over the years due to his paranoia.

And I would lay low. Think of how Putin poisoned those Russians in London.



Well, one was in Spain, so distance doesn’t seem to matter…

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Fortunately Russians can no longer travel to Spain. Or can they?

Russian hit men can travel anywhere with false IDs. Israelis do it all the time. Remember the Dubai murders by Mosad.…

Distance is no problem. Stalin had Leon Trotsky killed in Mexico City in 1940.


Well, I think a few are already out there to do their wet work as needed. Or maybe I read too many mystery novels…

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Or can they?

How much for that visa?

The Captain

Only sanctioned Russians are limited in their movements.

There are at least 4 dead oligarchs now. And this is a METARs issue because the four mentioned here are in the gas industry.
VLAD’S HITLIST The five clues that suggest four Russian oligarchs were all murdered as Putin ‘purges inner circle’
QUESTION marks hang over whether four Russian oligarchs were murdered as fears Vladimir Putin is purging his inner circle escalate.

Since the start of the year - in the run-up to the war in Ukraine and since the start of the invasion - four gas industry executives linked to the tyrant are alleged to have taken their own lives.