A great two weeks

A great two weeks.

My portfolio has been up now 6 weeks in a row. (It can’t keep on going up indefinitely, but I can’t call the market). It was only up a total of 8% in the first 4 weeks. However, things have accelerated, with an additional 10% in the past 2 weeks. With a portfolio of 20 stocks, there are always some down as well, but the ones up are up a lot more than the ones down.

Here’s how they did in the past 2 weeks, in percent up or down:

SCTY – 37.5
SYNA – 34.9
PFIE – 21.7
UBNT – 20.3
Z…… – 13.8
SZYM – 12.7
AMAVF – 12.4
HZNP – 12.0
AMBA – 11.8
CALL – 7.8
CELG – 6.3
WAB – 4.3
JCOM – 3.5
AIOCF – 3.0
KRED – 0.0
PSIX – (2.5)
SKX – (5.2)
CSGP – (6.1) — Doesn’t seem to be going anywhere compared to Z, but luckily I have twice as much Z
BOFI – (6.5)
AFOP – (13.7)

I don’t get very excited about individual ups and downs. For instance, AFOP was the only 10% loser, down 13.7%. However, if I look at the four preceding weeks, it was up 22.3% during those four weeks.

On the other hand, if you have some SCTY, which was up 37.5%, in an IRA where you can take some profits tax-free on a part of your position, I wouldn’t argue. Their business model is getting more and more complicated. However, I wouldn’t sell any of my SYNA, even though it’s breaking my rules and is up to 11.6% of my total portfolio. (UBNT is my next biggest position).




Did you get out of TSLA?


Did you get out of TSLA?

Yes, but it was never more than a very small position. As for why, here’s paraphrasing:

“Megafactory requiring huge financing, raised part of money, Panasonic will pay for rest, Panasonic says “No” they haven’t decided to pay for any of it, well maybe they will, estimates reduced, etc etc”

Too unclear for me. They may do just great, but it’s harder for me to see a double from here than with most of our stocks.