What a great day!

I hope you all participated in the extraordinary day we had yesterday. The S&P was practically flat at +0.3% but our top ten stocks all had great days, up from 2 to 17 times as much as the S&P. My portfolio was +2.5% on the day. These stocks were available to everyone as I post my positions every month, and these stocks have all been discussed on the board. (They’ve all also been recommended by one or another of the MF paid services, by the way, except for INBK)
Have fun!

My positions in order of size and their percent increase yesterday:

SWKS +5.61%
BOFI +1.27%
SKX +1.26%
CRTO +3.35%
CELG +0.73%
INBK +2.30%
XPO +2.02%
WAB +1.49%
EPAM +2.20%
AMBA +1.97%


Yep! Except for CELG; my recently recharged brokerage account has seven of them plus a little of another MF recommendation, (blush) LL. AMBA and BOFI are longtime holdings in my IRA, the two largest MF components, so not part of the brokerage account.
Today’s another day…


And SYNA up 4.5%


Even me!

Thanks to this board and some other recs from TMF paid services, my entire portfolio was up 2,12% yesterday only.

YTD I’m up 32,53%, but the strong Dollar effect is included, as my portfolio is in Euros.

ME, a foreign investing newbie, an almost Math and Tech illiterate, although a hungry learner!!!

I assure you it can be done!

Happy and profitable day!



Having a boatload of fun!

Thank you, Saul!


Saul - Great Day! The largest dollar amount increase in a single day I’ve ever had. I was talking to my wife about it, as I’ve mentioned before, she’s Chinese and really does not understand investing beyond the idea of making one’s money grow - she was very impressed with yesterday’s growth.

She told me I had done a “great job!”. I told her to not expect this on a regular basis. I also attributed the success to you for having established this board and the great exchange of information that goes on here. The discussion of investment strategies to the naming of specific companies is unparalleled.

Of the 10 companies cited in your note, I own all but WAB. Of the 9 that I hold, I held 4 prior to reading about them here (I’ve been following this board since the 1st of the year). I bought the other 5 due to discussions held here.

Based on discussions on this board, I have spent a lot of time getting better organized and gathering information about the companies I hold. You recently asked me why I held SBUX given my general dislike for the restaurant business. I had only a lame justification. Since then, I’ve taken a harder look at the earning for SBUX, the PE and the 1YPEG. So far I have found even less justification to hold this company, despite the fact that the stock price performance has been pretty good. I will be exiting this position as soon as I decide where to redeploy the money.

Thank you Saul, to quote my wife, “Great job!”


Congratulations on an impressive run-up…

Is anyone taking some profits on the nice gains?

What is the exit plan?

When do you guys start to take a little off the table?


Congratulations on an impressive run-up…Is anyone taking some profits on the nice gains? What is the exit plan? When do you guys start to take a little off the table?

Hi Darrell, Well, I look at the PE’s
For Bofi and INBK, both UNDER 20.
And then SWKS, SKX, Celgene, WAB and EPAM, all in the 20’s.
And just CRTO and AMBA with PE’s in the 40’s.

And I look at their rates of earnings growth:
BOFI and INBK growing earnings at 39% and 49%, to go with their PE’s under 20.
SWKS, SKX, CELG, WAB and EPAM, with an average rate of growth of 57.6% to go with their PE’s in the 20’s.
And CRTO and AMBA with an average rate of growth of earnings of 150%, to go with their PE’s in the 40’s…

And I think I’m okay! This is the way to make money in the market. I’m not going to sell them just because they went up for good reason. I know that there will be pullbacks along the way, but these stocks, as a group, are going up, and I want to be along for the ride.

Hope that helps.



Congratulations, Saul! You have already reached your stated annual goal of a 30% return each year. And we are only in mid May.

Alas, I have only attained a 24% return for the year. However, I’m as content as a pig in slop and greatly appreciate this board for its profitability.

I doubt any other of the MF Premium services are even close.

So thank you Chris, Neil, Anirban, Saul, etc. etc. etc.


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