A little favor, Saul

Hi Saul, and Happy New Year!

I wanted to ask if you would do a small favor for me and for your board followers.

Would you mind keeping a list of your current stock holdings in your profile page?

If you look at my profile, you will see a list of my stocks and additional companies I’m interested in.

I would love if you kept an updated list of stocks on your profile because it would be easier to find than searching the boards. When reading the nice post about trends, I became curious if you hold Infinera right now. (And I might be too lazy to dig up your last portfolio update – I will… but your profile is so easy to get to.)

Thanks for considering!


it would be easier to find than searching the boards

Karen, you should use BoardKeep to save those posts :slight_smile: Then they’d be easy-peasy to find!

But another tip: if you open a post by Saul, then click on “Saul’s Investing Discussions” above the post to get back to the board, and then click on the “Author” column header, it’ll sort the board by his posts. Then it’s pretty straight-forward to get back to one of his posts, especially the month-end ones, just using the “Prev” and “Next” navigation links.

I hope that helps!



Yet another way to track it. It’s a bit more work, but not much more. I keep a few semi-dynamic Fool posts bookmarked (e.g., Moosie’s calendar, and Saul’s monthly summary) and whenever they’re updated, I update the shortcut in my browser.

as always, i am full of carp

And one more way to easily keep postings handy… just drag the URL icon into a desktop folder.

I tried listing by author, but then after more than a dozen clicks trying to get to Saul, I gave up.

Then I went backwards on the boards to find Saul’s update. There is a lot going on on these boards and eventually I found the end of October report


I might have missed the end of November. There was a lot of Bofi talk, you know.

It would only take 2 clicks to get to a list on Saul’s profile!!

Karen :slight_smile:

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Jeez Neil, did you create that one too? No doubt since the examples show Saul’s board. Super Geek Freak! Nice job.


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I tried listing by author, but then after more than a dozen clicks trying to get to Saul, I gave up.

Hi Karen, I had exactly the same problem. But there is a trick to it. When you follow those instructions what you get is the LAST pick by that author, and all those that are listed below are others in alphabetical order. So if you just hit the PREVIOUS button, Lo and Behold! There they all are. Arranged by date. And just keep going back.

By the way, I’ve noted many times that I’ll normally only post my positions at the end of the month. Sorry.



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And FYI, according to my most recently updated bookmark, Saul’s post for his portfolio from the end of November can be found at http://discussion.fool.com/my-portfolio-at-the-end-of-november-3…, or else look for post 14133 on Nov 27. When I just checked now, it had 70 recs – that’s another way to find it quickly, since his monthly summaries always receive a lot of recs.

More recently, post 15012 has a short summary of his 2015 results, but without a summary of his positions. I haven’t noticed an end-of-month summary for December yet, but he generally posts it over the weekend (which is why November came a few days early), so I would expect to see his newest update sometime this weekend.

as always, i am full of carp

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you should use BoardKeep to save those posts

I didn’t know about BoardKeep! Very nice extension Neil

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This took two seconds. Type the following in any Google search bar. The October thread was the first result.

“site: discussion.fool.com sauls end of month october summary”

I think this gave it away…

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Awesome work Neil! I appreciate the effort and tools you help create.