Poll: Saul please post monthly

Please continue monthly updates Saul

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  • Not up to us

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I don’t think he’s going to stop posting updates – just % results.

Saul, I do hope you continue posting your monthly % results. No one that is actually informed thinks you are bragging. I’m relatively new to this board, and being able to read your Knowledge Base, then review some of the monthly updates provided me with some really good historical data to show that you walked the walk and that your results are valid.

Not that I would question your integrity, just the fact that there is a lot of misinformation on the interwebs. So, when we are talking about real life $$, it’s great to have this type of historical data.

Long story short, your updates are very appreciated by this Fool.

  • Austin

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Saul, I hope you will continue to post complete updates each month. I sincerely appreciate the open and frank way you discuss your portfolio and it’s performance. Frankly, you and this board are priceless.


Yes me too.

Thank you, Saul.

Whether you continue posting monthly updates or not, thank you.

If you make your monthly updates shorter and only post your holdings and moves, thank you.

If you only post quarterly or annually, thank you.

If you suffer the fools who criticize your success, good for you, shame on them.

If you continue to run your board or not, good for you.

Saul, you and I don’t know one another at all, and I don’t know the super educated investors who have been meaningful contributors to this board at all, either. I’m late to this community (Westport brought back memories), and learning and processing as fast as when I first learned investing in stocks was better (for me) than investing not at all or in mutual funds. I’m doing my best to learn, and I have math skills to contribute if and when I catch up.

Whatever you decide next, thank you. I’m better for all my future days by reading here, learning from what you’ve shared, what you’ve begat.

Godspeed Saul, and again, thank you.