A most interesting podcast with Santa Fe professor Gregory West, *"Metabolism and the Hidden Laws of Biology"*

There is no way i can summarize this hour and 42 minute video.

I thought the presenter, The Great Simplification, was mainly dedicated to proving that renewable energy would never supplant fossil fuels. Maybe that was because of the bias of my smart phone’s algorithm. The Great Simplification favors hydro and nuclear but falls into Malthusian pessimism

We have spent the last century harnessing enormous amounts of fossil energy to build a world of complexity like nothing seen before. In the coming century, humanity will experience A Great Simplification, beginning with the onset of financial and economic turbulence, followed by contraction. The ensuing simplification will be among the most significant events ever experienced by our species.

The Santa Fe Institute, founded by Los Alamos scientists, is dedicated to Complex Systems. No one better than a Santa Fe professor to deliver this lecture. When you find a couple of hours with nothing better to do, enjoy…

The Captain