Congrats to Enphase longs who stuck it out during this over-correction down to 125.
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O, Captain, are we aboard?


O, Captain, are we aboard?

Unfortunately I did not add when ENPH was on sale. Still a large position.

The evolution from fossil fuels to renewables is relentless and in many ways it’s the end user, homes and businesses, that are driving the change by installing local solar panels and storage. As costs drop the transition accelerates without the need for more stimulus.

Lots of people don’t get the crossing of the chasm. About a decade ago Spain was a “leader” in solar which had not yet crossed the chasm and Spain’s leadership only existed by virtue very expensive and unsustainable subsidies. Pioneers getting arrows in the back. With the massive adoption of battery storage wind and solar have come of age. Storage was needed to overcome the intermittency of renewables. That’s why mammals have so much fat! Intermittent hunting and gathering!

Denny Schlesinger