A new nuclear weapons state?

One of V. Putin’s most notorious allies is Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus. They recently met in Moscow. The Russians later announced they will supply Belarus with missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.


“We will transfer Iskander-M tactical missile systems to Belarus, which can use both ballistic and cruise missiles, both in conventional and nuclear versions,” a foreign ministry summary of the meeting quoted him as saying.

The Iskander-M, a mobile guided missile system codenamed “SS-26 Stone” by NATO, replaced the Soviet “Scud”. Its two guided missiles have a range of up to 500 km (300 miles) and can carry conventional or nuclear warheads.

With a range of 500 km, these are obviously not intercontinental missiles. But the weapons could still threaten much of Ukraine, the Baltic states, and other parts of eastern Europe.

My own opinion is this is just nuclear saber-rattling. Belarus does not have nuclear weapons, nor the capability of producing them. Putin would need to give them away, and he is unlikely to take that step.

  • Pete

If one of those nuclear war heads goes off Putin is going to claim it was not his decision.

Putin’s life must be forfeit in that event regardless.

We are not forced to be stupid like Russian citizens.


And if Belarus gets upset with Russia and fires its missiles at Moscow, then what?

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And if Belarus gets upset with Russia and fires its missiles at Moscow, then what?

Well then Vlad puts nuclear warheads on his and fires them back? Capable of carrying nuclear warheads and actually having nuclear warheads that fit on those missiles are not necessarily the same thing?

Our Cold War Honest John missiles had dummy warheads on exercise that could quickly be converted should the balloon go up and the US Army delivered the goods.


I actually have a snapshot of me standing in front of a truck mounted Honest John while serving with 2RCR (mech infantry) in 1966.