A new power dynamic rising in the Middle East

Iran and Saudi Arabia have started on a path to peace. There are a lot of implications here.

The religious differences seem to have been subordinated to practical problems. China seems to have been in the right place at the right time. The power dynamic of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey might put Iraq in peril.

The entire power structure that the USA has been basing a lot of its foreign policy on may be gone. A policy that has been in place for almost 50 years.



Isn’t the Iraqi government generally cozy with Iran anyway?

What policy? Keeping the various countries in the region at each-other’s throat?

the gift that keeps giving…


The differences are more politics than family. In other words I have Yemeni friends a very large family in the US that are both sects in one family.

The issue between SA and Iran can be stopped at any time. So why not? That does not mean having issues with Iraq.

China wastes more time and money than is imaginable. The US has had that experience.

If I had to give China some sort of Kondratieff Cycle comparison to the US it might be 1972.

The crazy thing about Alternative energy for India and China are their population sizes. As the North Americans and Europeans have about a third of their respective populations give or take we can reduce our reliance on oil quickly. China and India can not.

Would oil go higher by the end of this decade? Possibly. Who really knows. But US and European reliance on oil will have been broken.

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