We may be on the edge of WW 3

The Iranians sparked the Hamas uprising. Is it cover for going nuclear in Iran? If so we need to fight them with boots on the ground.

We have the Chinese to be concerned with if Taiwan is targeted. This can happen in many forms without an invasion of Taiwan.

We have the Russians to watch as Ukraine and Russia are in a race. The Ukrainian forces can only hold out so long. We do not want a war of attrition. The Russian economy can only hold out so long before hyperinflation causes a full revolt of an unpaid military. I think the Russians will lose economically.

We have a global tinder box.

adding if Iran is going nuclear soon Israel will strike them hard setting the nuclear plans back. That may be Bibi’s longer war.

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Iran has done this across the ME. The OPEC nations mostly will help with more oil for the west if need be to defeat this.

Sort of a rhetorical question: So what’s not to like? I know it’ll be messy and people will die. Just like always and everywhere over much smaller matters. Why couldn’t this be the omelet we’ve been waiting for…?


Keep in mind, to the US, Iran is a universal boogyman. Anything happens anywhere, that involves Muslims, Iran is always the prime suspect. Could a bad actor get traction with Pals, without Israel’s heavy handed tactics, particularly over the past year? Could a bad actor get traction in Gaza, if the zone was not treated like an open-air prison by both Israel and Egypt?



@FCorelli It well could be. It could go either way.

@steve203 A spade is a spade.

Better would be to relocate ALL the Palesinians to Iran. Take them there and drop them off. Let Iran deal with the consequences.