A Request for all Board Members

A Request for all Board Members

You all remember when we had to ban discussions of Tesla from the board because the board just filled up with bitter Tesla arguments and there was no room for anything else.

I’ve started to think we may have to do the same with Zoom, at least until its next earning release. Looking back at our last 100 posts a while ago something like 79 of them were about Zoom, pro or con, and from different angles. That’s all well and good as far as analysis, but we aren’t saying anything new for the most part. It’s too much focus on one stock and discussion of all the rest is crowded out. I don’t want to give Zoom the Tesla treatment because I think that this is a temporary phenomenon, so…

What I’m requesting from you is that each of you make at least one post about another one of our high growth stocks (with some analysis would be nice), and try to get our minds off focussing exclusively on Zoom. Making fewer posts about Zoom would help too.

Thanks to you all for your understanding and cooperation,



A link to the Knowledgebase for this board is in the Announcements panel that is on the right side of every page on this board.

For some additions to the Knowledgebase, bringing it up to date, I’d advise reading several other posts linked to on the panel, especially “How I Pick a Company to Invest In,” and “Why My Investing Criteria Have Changed,” and “Why It Really is Different.”