One more request: Anecdotes

Unless you have an amazing story that is unique to you that you think everyone on the board will find riveting, that has to do with one of the growth companies we discuss here, please refrain from sharing anecdotes and news bytes.

This is not a useful post:

Medtronic has now changed to Zoom as well, as confirmed by a close friend who works there. Medtronic, a medical device company employs more than 90,000 people world-wide.

It’s great that many, many large companies are choosing Zoom, but if we get an update here every time a company does, it will overwhelm the board. I’ve asked that this post (71121) be deleted.

Thanks again everyone – we have thousands of people that follow here and hundreds who post here…your discretion in your posts is what will keep this board functional and amazing!



I get that personal anecdotes about small businesses have low information content, although occasionally they reveal interesting aspects about products, but when there is a significant adoption like this, it seems that banning the notice, which is not really an anecdote, is depriving us of meaningful information about the company.

For my part, a short notice to the point like this is quickly read and absorbed so that one can move on.


How is that meaningful information? Zoom adds thousands of customers each quarter, the adoption of Zoom by Medtronic is not meaningful in the sense that 1) it’s not material so this alone won’t move the stock price and 2) yes it’s a large company but we are already aware that Zoom is being adopted by many large companies so nothing new here.

Some people seem to treat this board like another Seeking alpha / yahoo conversations comment section where there is more spam than meaningful posts. I assume that few people here have the time to browse through 20 spam-like posts before coming across an interesting comment that actually adds value, however this unfortunately seems to be the situation sometimes. Prior to submitting a message, everyone should reflect whether he actually contributes something that deserves the precious time of all board members here.

So thanks Saul for raising these points.