A Screen Shot

As I hear about how dangerous our stocks are, with all their recurrent revenue, and rapid growth of revenue, and “overvalued”, I wish I could send you a screen shot of my portfolio from my broker so far today"

Dow down 0.70%
Nas down 0.44%
S&P down 0.53%
Rus down 0.68%

That means our stocks should be down 2.00% or so because they are so over valued, right? Well actually, No… Up 0.06%. Strange world.



The Heck is up? I’m down 0.5

Whats keeping you afloat?

Actually , Shop up $1.52, Sq up .63, Ayx up .45, PVTL up.27, etc

Ahh aaa my tracker isn’t updating shop, I’m actually up 0.3%

You can draw many lines through one datapoint.



You posted at 9:57, I assume that’s EDT. Usually you out-perform me because you’re a better investor than I.

It’s now 2:26 EDT and I’m up 1.57% for the day according to my broker, Fidelity. It’s probably safe to say you’re up more.

DJIA -0.17%
NASDAQ +0.39
S&P500 -0.03%

I didn’t bother looking up other indices, those are the ones posted on my Fidelity landing page.


I ended up around 2.5% today with my incredibly overvalued, soon to crash portfolio.


Up 1.61% today
Not bad for all my buying at the top.

Same here MoneySlob, the issue is, this is 1 day in 365 days in 70+ years. so one data point is too little. :wink:


Sauls portfolio has been doing this “Anomaly” too often for it to be an isolated incident.

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Up 1.61% today
Not bad for all my buying at the top.

As they say - “Buy hi!”

Only managed +1.12% today and it doesn’t even begin to redeem the 10% drop in the last 2 weeks but will take it any how. This week could well be a bumpy ride as Trade Wars 2 hits the screens plus a bunch of other stuff so best buckle up.


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