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This is from a press release by Intelisys. I don’t have a clue what it means, except that it’s good for Zoom.

Intelisys Strengthens Position as Leader in Unified Communications with Addition of Zoom
Only Master Agent to Deliver Complete End-to-End Solutions, From Cloud to Hardware

GREENVILLE, S.C. & PETALUMA, Calif.–Mar. 12, 2020-- Intelisys, Inc., a ScanSource company (NASDAQ:SCSC), and the nation’s leading provider of technology services, today makes available for the first time Zoom Video Communications, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:ZM) full suite of solutions. Through this new relationship, Intelisys partners and ScanSource VARs now have access to Zoom’s video-first unified communications solutions, including Zoom Phone, Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Webinars. The company’s complete video-first unified communications platform provides video meetings, voice, webinars, and chat across desktops, phones, mobile devices, and conference room systems.

Intelisys is the industry’s largest master agent servicing the most comprehensive ecosystem of agents and VARs in the communications and collaboration industry. By adding Zoom to its diverse portfolio of suppliers, Intelisys continues to accelerate Sales Partners’ success. In support of that, Intelisys arms its partners with the support, training and enablement programs they need to be successful. As the only master agent able to offer a total communications solution to its customers – be it cloud, connectivity, end points or devices – Intelisys and ScanSource help partners drive growth in their recurring revenue practices…

It goes on from there.


So a value added reseller now sells zoom. These are companies that resell/install enterprise software.

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This entire Unified Communications field and its related move to the cloud is highly competitive.

Video is a significant part of it which includes phone, text, email, etc. all done over the Internet.

I think RingCentral has emerged as the leader which is a stock i have owned since 2014. EGHT is an underforming publicly traded competitor. VON also plays here.

Zoom has been partnering with RingCentral for some time but according to RNG CEO in its most recent earnings call, it is clear that they are worried about ZM expanding into the entire space in the future. ZM CEO said as much recently also.

Seems like most think Zoom’s technology is superior and that they are thinking aggressively about optionalities.



Happy to hear that. Thanks for the good news. Another interesting ZM news story:

Fox Business interviewed Zoom CFO Kelly Steckelberg today in the last trading hour. They have had a LARGE number of requests for the free service, and have been extending those for (also) free. They are also seeing increases from the work from home directives. She declined to answer when asked just how many in hard numbers. She said they have not had any troubles with reliability despite the increase in demand. She said they originally provisioned their server farms to support more than normal traffic. They are adding more servers, so some hardware vendor will be pleased.

My replay is foggy, so there will be much more I am not repeating for fear of getting it wrong. I was doing something else when I heard part of it playing. Fox Business website should have a replay, but it isn’t working for me at present. Perhaps if they get a subscription to Zoom?

Here’s a link to the Fox Business Zoom CFO interview.


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