Verizon Zoom Partnership

Has no-one else noticed this. This is from a Verizon press release yesterday, as edited by me

Partnership with Verizon – Wow!

Verizon links with Zoom to enhance global customers’ business communications choices

Verizon Business Group has joined forces with Zoom to offer its global customers a new, unified communications solution that aims to improve organizational collaboration. Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform is now available to all Verizon business customers as a cloud service.

All Verizon customers will have access to over 50 countries using either Call-In Toll/Toll Free or Call-me numbers. In addition, users may join Zoom meetings from a Verizon Wireless phone or Verizon Voice-over-IP (VoIP), or just the audio portion of a Zoom meeting via Verizon VoIP, for no additional charge. With Verizon managing the service, customers can use Zoom without the need of dedicated staff or time to look after it themselves. Verizon’s experts will also be available for training, user adoption and any technical support.

Businesses around the world are growing increasingly dependent on tools and solutions that are agile, intuitive and reliable. Ease-of-use and performance are critical qualities of video collaboration; encouraging employee engagement and driving greater productivity across the enterprise. Our mission is to offer each and every business the solutions suite that helps ensure these results. The addition of Zoom to our collaboration partner portfolio enables our business customers get access to technology that hits both marks – ease of use and performance. - Verizon

This agreement with Verizon is the epitome of our strategy to work with the top global service providers to extend the reach of Zoom around the world. It will allow Verizon customers from SMB to enterprise to enjoy our reliable and innovative video communications platform on Verizon’s best-in-class network. - Zoom


Yes I noticed it. And you have confirmed my wow with your wow. Your wow carries much more weight than my wow. Thank you!


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And you have confirmed my wow with your wow.

And struck me that the Press Release was from Verizon, not from Zoom. Carries much more weight to me, and means that Verizon is proud of it and and anxious to sell it to its customers.



I am not sure if this has much significant other than basic marketing

Telcos like VZ need to stay relevant against players like TWLO…
So they are trying to put up better, more relevant services… VZ is more aggressive among them… you see them offering sports games (it was NFL last year I believe)… Apple music and now more integrated / easy to use Zoom interface…

A good example is ZS… I follow ZS CMO on LinkedIn and noticed a couple of times PR by telcos (was it T-Mobile last one if I remember right) promoting integrated services with ZS to their business clients… First I thought it was odd that large Telco did PR, the I realized that they have to…

Back to this VZ PR with ZM, I dont know if this has real effect on either Zoom or VZ business, may be slight positive on both but not big impact… IMHO.

I am not pessimistic on ZM by any means, they are going great and this is for sure testimony of VZ recognizing their market status… I am just trying train myself to discard non-impactful info from real meaningful info…