Accounts Post-Death

I know technology seems to be ahead of laws in many areas but is there any clear cut laws regarding accessing accounts of someone who has passed away?

I know that a POA expires on the person’s date of death. And while I can know someone’s user ID and password, that doesn’t mean I’m supposed to be accessing it (while the person is alive or dead).

I’m curious because a certain large on line retailer wanted me to access the deceased person’s email and company account (I’m referring to the online account, e.g., Amazon, Apple, etc.) in order to have it canceled and deleted.

That just seems wrong to me from a common sense view of things.

And would it matter if the POC is considered a personal representation or executor of the estate?


The Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act tries to deal with the issues. Remember, each state needs to adopt its own version. Most states have adopted some version of the Act. You can find the commentary in the document section. You need to look at the actual state law that applies.

Here is the link to the Uniform Act.…