Ah yes, grocery pickup

One change that I started in the pandemic which I find I truly enjoy is grocery pickup. I love sitting at my computer and filtering by ‘Buy it Again’ or checking the price per unit against other brands. No more wandering around the grocery store for an hour - just wait in your car until they deliver! Woohoo!

However, it is not quite perfect - yet. Fruit is sometimes overripe, or you forget to add ‘no substitutions’ to an item, or you are not paying attention to size when you order cooking oil. I have been sticking to one grocery store that I shopped at ‘in person’ but now I’m ready to try others to see if they’re better.

I find this whole thing so funny - Grocery stores are giving more detailed customer service than ever before and I am getting pickier and pickier about it. I have to remind myself that I live in a time when such things are possible, lol.

I found this site that compared different pickup services - I think now I’ll start experimenting.


Does anyone else use pickup grocery services? Which store(s) do you like best?


Hi Fifi2 -

We use it for non-perishables and longer-life standard manufactured goods like sandwich bread and pre-packaged cheese. Short life/highly perishable things like fruits, vegetables, meat, and milk, we still go in the store to hand-pick.

It works pretty well, though we did just get a busted canola oil spray bottle. The retailer refunded the purchase price and didn’t even ask for the bottle back, so we didn’t have to make a return trip, which was nice.

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