AI in the real world

Ok. It’s really a DUMB AI. But, the chat bot AI thing on Amazon did a great job.

I had reason to ask for a refund on an item.
The Chat bot (AI) interacted with me in a way that was very nearly “human”.

It was pleasant. Non confrontational. Professional. Cordial. Not time wasting.

I didn’t have to wait for the next available customer service representative. I didn’t have to listen to some annoying music while on hold. Or even worse an ad for some product for some product.

I didn’t have to listen to some pablum about “you are very important to us”.

These AI chat bots… I’m liking them.


Just be careful if they like you. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Sci-fi/Thriller writes itself!

Joke aside, whatever gets me out of listening to this has my vote.

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They are getting surprisingly good. They can be surprisingly bad at times. But wow, the progress has been unreal. I’ve heard Google is getting worried on the impact it will eventually have to search. As a programmer, after using ChatGPT to explain some code snippets for me, I’m beginning to think that’s days are numbered. (nothing soon, but that day WILL come).

I started getting into learning ML/AI stuff 6-7 years ago while at Oracle. I told people that when Skynet goes active I want to be considered a friendly. :smiley: