Bard Vs. ChatGPT

I’ve been playing around with Google’s Bard AI vs. the Microsoft backed ChatGPT. ChatGPT saves all of your past interactions, so it makes it easy to compare how Bard would respond to the same question in comparison to ChatGPT.

The Bard did not fare well.

The Bard was right about why Boston Whalers no longer have v-shaped hulls, but ChatGPT had more detail.

ChatGPT had a much more detailed and complete answer regarding the privacy risks of home DNA tests.

ChatGPT’s animated movie script with Robert De Niro playing a dolphin and Joe Pesci playing a turtle was pretty bad. But the Bard’s version was vomit inducing.

When asked “what is the theoretical pathway how LSD treats PTSD?” ChatGPT has a couple paragraphs of plausible answers. The Bard simply punted: “I’m a text-based AI, and that is outside of my capabilities.”

Here’s the money question. The real test of any AI: In the tv show Magnum P.I., was Higgins really Robin Masters?


And the Bard responded:

Fail! Any AI Bot that can’t take a crack at that question is dead to me. Time to short Google.


Try again in a week, and in a month, maybe it’ll learn?


Maybe, but Google clearly is starting from far behind (at least in my tests).

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LOL. I put a question to the brain trust on a Navy oriented board on FB a few days ago. One of the board members put the question to ChatGPT. The AI answer was a non-answer, that both ships performed their role. My question was why one was built, instead of the other one retained. Finally found the real answer, after some digging: BuOrd had a new toy to try out. My takeaway is ChatGPT has been writing politician-speak for decades: lots of blather, with zero meaning.


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One of my sisters got Alexa last year. Alexa was on when asked a question. The responses were simple and not too detailed. Everything was good. My sister loved it.

Now a year later? My sister keeps shouting, “shut up Alexa”. Plenty of detail, just wont stop.

The guys in the art world I know are using AI to make art and make descriptions of their art so Google can find it. The entire thing sucks. The guys are admitting they are not good artists, that they do not see art as bad when it is and they can not write well. Unfortunately they have lived that way so long they are used to it. The AI seems like a good route to take. But like my sister’s experience it wont shut up.

NVDA is making a ton of money off of AI. AI is now its biggest profit center. Kind of an accounting fudge. Meaning there has always been software and firmware with the hardware NVDA is famous for but now the software is making up for the lacking hardware in every aspect and the paradigm has shifted. It does not mean anything.

It is like with Tesla being called a software company. Honestly the company is responsible for signing contracts to sell a car with a battery and software. The company is selling a car.

What were they called in the go go 90s “look through earnings”? Make believe for long enough and something will magically appear…oh and later disappear.