Airbus complaint to the WTO coming in 3...2...1

As we know, Boeing bankrupted itself “creating shareholder value”, and can’t afford to create a new airliner on it’s own.

Enter the government, funneling a 36% subsidy for the development program through NASA.


Since the stated goal is a ‚greener‘ plane, Airbus may have to thread carefully on this one…


Let Boeing fail. They put themselves in this position.

They have been building “greener” jets since the early 60s. 1:1 turbofans were “greener” than turbojets. High bypass ratio jets are “greener” than 1:1 turbofans. What they are talking about here is another materials and aerodynamic evolution. Beats me how anything with those struts will have less drag, at high subsonic speeds, than an internally braced wing.


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There are engineering structural designs that give more strength than expected. A truss gives more strength than other configurations. The vibration of the wind over the wing would be diminished.

I think Boeing’s next major design propulsion system will be Hydrogen. Airbus might be making a mistake entering a new non Hydrogen design into manufacture at this time.

The vertical strut between the wings does look draggy, in addition to the truss. Other renderings skip it.