ALERT! 1YPEG Screen hacked

ALERT to all posters who still use kevin68’s 1YPEG calculation spreadsheet and intend to update earnings date data. It seems the SS was hacked. Somebody not only changed the name of the 1YPEG SS to “Supernova” but also seems to have fiddled with the formulas as numbers no longer add up.

Kevin68 put a lot of hard work into setting up the 1YPEG Screen Thank you kevin68 for your generous contribution of time and effort and I hope you’ll have the time to check out the problem.

Last night I updated BOFI earnings… and noted that the TTME’s are not computed correctly:

BOFI Earnings, USD
TTME Last Year:  0.39  0.40  0.44  0.56 = 1.79, recorded $1.23
TTME This Year:  0.46  0.45  0.50  0.63 = 2.04, recorded $2.60
YoY Earnings Growth, actual                14%, recorded  111%, a supernova indeed!

BOFI Revenue (in $M)  
TTMRev Last Year:  66  69  79   93 = 307, recorded $214
TTMRev This Year:  86  87  93  112 = 378, recorded $359
YoY Revenue Growth, actual           23%, recorded  68%

I still have a downloaded version of the 1YPEG spreadsheet dated 2017-02-17. BOFI’s numbers as well as all the other stocks I am following are still correct. This no longer holds true. ABMD is another example:

ABMD Earnings, USD
TTME Last Year:  0.36  0.20  0.17  0.23 = 0.96, recorded $0.73
TTME This Year:  0.24  0.29  0.20  0.34 = 1.07, recorded $0.96
YoY Earnings Growth, actual                12%, recorded   32%

ABMD Revenue (in $M)
TTMRev Last Year:  68   73   76   86 = 303, recorded $217
TTMRev This Year:  94  103  103  115 = 415, recorded $386
YoY Revenue Growth, actual             37%, recorded  78%

Whoever wishes to update securities showing current earnings release dates (PAYC, UBNT, TRUE, SHOP, SSNI, TWLO, TLND, BABA, NTNX, HDP), please be aware that the numbers no longer add up.

I have asked kevin68 to have a look at this problem and hope he is all right and has the time –he hasn’t posted in several months.

Let’s hope that nevercontent’s spreadsheets ( haven’t been hacked yet. I find the Growth Acceleration (deceleration) column especially useful and will check numbers when I have the time. Thank you too, nevercontent, for your generosity.

It is the generous contributions of posters like you two and many others that makes this board one of the very best in all of fooldom. The biggest appreciation, of course, goes to Saul.

Thank you, Saul, not only for your incisive analyses but also for tirelessly enforcing your rules to keep politics and other irrelevant rubbish off this board –the only TMF board I follow on a regular basis.



Hi IM!

Thank you for the nice note! I’m very glad to hear the spreadsheet has been useful and is still in use by the boards. A big thanks for keeping the data up to date as well. I have not been as good a steward :slight_smile:

I am not exactly sure what happened to the spreadsheet, but I believe I made the corrections to fix it. I verified my changes against BOFI and AMBD just to make sure, and the numbers are now correct.

Please confirm and let me know if things go awry again. I hope everyone is doing well. I’ll try to stop in more often as time permits. I’ve had a shift in priorities in work and life, and have altered my investment strategies a bit to be more in a fire and forget mode. But soon I expect to become a little more active.

My best to everyone.



Kevin - very big of you. Thanks for being so generous and helpful.