Did not get in on initial offering which priced at $68. Anyone buying after open and up to what price?


Anyone buying after open and up to what price?

I’ll take a pass on this one. I tend to stay away from companies who can have their market evaporate whenever the Chinese goevernment says so. Additionally, the notion that they are just going to dominate every market they enter (including the US) is simply shortsighted. Finally, doesn’t this Jack Ma guy seem like a dirtbag? I’d have a hard time trusitng him with my money.

(BABA hasn’t changed my conviction in either)


Another Chinese Stock. Not for me.

Dr. D

nobody except institutions and high worth individuals get in on any hot IPO. The majority of us have to buy at the price it opens at that’s always much higher.

Nope. Too hard to understand and too big already. I’m sure it will grow for years, but at a $220B mkt cap already, I’d rather find a smaller and easier to understand company that can grow much faster.

Opening day of an IPO.

$230B market cap trading at 17X Sales.

Chinese internet company with transparency issues.

Inability to invest directly in the company, but shares are in an offshore holding company that owns the shares.

Yeah, no.