Almost 19k and yet over 65k

Seems Israel is dropping well over 3 times the number of bombs per lost life.

That is not indiscriminate killing. That is the clearing out of all the homes in Gaza and later most inhabitants being kicked out.

Hamas can surrender and force the Israelis and Netanyahu into a two-state solution. A complete peace and free elections would leave Israel having to work it out.

Hamas and most or many of the Palestinians want next to zero to do with any of that. No peace certainly and claims to every square inch of Israel as Palestine.

The Israelis under those terms are done with waiting for anything out of the status quo.

I get at least one of us definitely thinks that is evil. So what? Things simply are not working. For the very same reasons, not one Arab nation wants the Palestinians as immigrants.

If people care so much about the Palestinians then take them. You will find out you made a horrible mistake if history is any guide.


The news, a couple days ago, covered the IDF’s demolition of a UN run school building. Smells like “ethnic cleansing”, as offered before. Run the residents out. Destroy the buildings and infrastructure, “sow the land with salt”, and make it uninhabitable.

It would be cleansing but neither side feels it has any choice. Meaning both sides can not live together as it is and will not change to make it work.

This is more a divorce than ethnic anything. Enough is enough. Hamas could have made things different and has made zero attempts. Instead doing quite the opposite. That really is not controlled by Israel.

With less than one in three bombs killing anyone…there is not even much of an attempt to kill anyone but Hamas and how many of their family members are hanging out with them?

If five Hamas families or militants were hit by some of the bombs then it is not even one in five bombs killing anyone. Some roughed-up math.

Frankly, this gets weirder fast and crazy. Report on NPR Israel is using AI to determine bombing targets. Target lists are spat out of the machine faster than Israel can hit the targets. In other words, the equipment and computers are figuring out which buildings are empty.

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Biden just sent munitions. He knows about 80% of the bombs are hitting empty buildings. Biden is countering Hamas’s claim that civilians are being targeted because Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the UAE need something to work with to send oil to the West and Israel even now. The leadership in those nations fully knows that 80% of the bombs are not striking human beings.


President Joe Biden also said Thursday that he wants Israel to “be more careful” with their attacks in Gaza and be focused on “how to save civilian lives” as casualties continue to climb.

“I want them to be focused on how to save civilian lives, not stop going after a Hamas, but be more careful,” he said during an event at the National Institutes of Health on Thursday.

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