OT:Netanyahu-"Give Me Just A Little More Time

November 2023:

Analysis using remote sensing technology from Wuhan University puts the level of damage at about 60 per cent

According to researchers at the City University of New York and Oregon State University, 55.9 per cent of buildings in Gaza, or about 160,800 structures, had been damaged or destroyed by Israeli bombings as of November 29.

The BBC reported on December 2 that about 100,000 buildings had been destroyed.


Maybe Hamas will finally understand “Never Again.”

The Captain


Sure if they are all killed. If they aren’t all killed they will be plotting their revenge. Israel-Palestinian reminds me of the Irish troubles.

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You are pointing out the motivation, how to implement “Never again” against “From the river to the sea.”

The Captain


There are two versions of “from the river to the sea” now.


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What do you think of the Yemen Civil War?

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I think no one understands nothing about the plight we are in everywhere, with absurd miniscule random facts causing huge divergences in fate, until they understand the contrasting histories of Yemen and its close neighbor Oman, both with similar complex histories, opportunities, and even petro endowments.

d fb

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That is not my point.

Those here or elsewhere who “care so much” do not care at all.

All our food goes down our gullets as well as ever. There are no extra tears shed for Yemen, Syria, Sudan, or Somalia.

If you really care you really care. Just finding the Jewish state guilty is a load of it.

Caring about peace? Really? Not really! Those other wars are oblivious and ignored. Just the Muslims doing their thing.