Hubster had a fall

He falls maybe once a week or two (often from a crouched position and doesn’t injure himself), but yesterday’s fall seemed harder. I was able to get my nursing-student evening aide to come early and check him (she graduates with an RN in a few months). Nothing appeared broken to her, but his knee was swelling so she iced it and gave him a Tylenol (I crushed it as he no longer takes pills).

This morning he avoided putting weight on that leg. But he’s also trying to climb out of his recliner. My Tuesday morning aide (who left at 11) kind of blocked him into the recliner with the wheelchair and desk chair so he can’t climb out until he figures out how to climb over all this. Which I hope he doesn’t.

The hospice nurse is coming this afternoon to check him. Meanwhile he won’t let me put the ice pack back on his knee. And he’s gibbering up a storm.

He ate a good breakfast (whole wheat waffles w/butter & maple syrup and bacon, OJ with medicine dissolved, skipped his coffee).

He’s currently playing with his lap blanket. And gibbering non-stop. And won’t let me put the ice bag back onto his knee.


I’m sorry to hear this. I hope it’s nothing more than some swelling and bruises.


I assume his knee is very uncomfortable, and thus his gibbering. So distressing, because you can’t get any direct information from him. I hope the hospice nurse can provide some clarity and guidace!


The nurse examined his knee and determined it’s just bruised. My afternoon aide came early (she’s here) and let him climb out and stand on his leg, which he didn’t do for long but he didn’t;t act as if it hurt, so all’s well (enough). He slept a lot today. Also ate a good lunch (vegetable quiche, applesauce, and mango juice).

A tip for disabled eaters! While awaiting my flu shot last week, I wandered around the drug store and noticed the display of hard plastic toddler bibs. Just what the hubster needs! So I ordered an adult-sized silicone bib for him. Works great! It’s soft, too. He doesn’t mind it either. Now that half my kitchen towels are stained…!