Alternate World - opposite BRK LTBH

There is an entire world opposite LTBH.

Sophisticated traders with fast computers, lots of data, technical analysis and super fast connections feast on LTBH investors. Additionally, there is an army of these who are agile and are playing with small money siphoning off $.

All of this is well known. What I found out for myself that if you are playing with small money, these investments are fairly low risk (yes low risk) and compound rapidly.

I tried one of their “low risk gambling” strategy (options - Iron condor for S&P) with a small amount.
My entire principal ($1k) was at risk (2% probability). I was able to get 16% return in one day and 10% the next day. Compare that to BRK price which lost money (YTD of -8% and 1YR -4%). You can reduce the risk to below 0.5% if you want to dip below 5% return in one day.

No conclusion, just another datapoint and learning. Dollar cost average in S&P, get rich slowly, sleep well, enjoy life.

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