Amaing - $T AI Demo

Fascinating - Trillion dollar demo. Multimodal (speech, video, audio, actions) AGI. This is going to shake things up in coming months.


The race between Tesla Optimus and this combination of OpenAI+FigureAI has just ratcheted up 10x.

This combination OpenAI+FigureAI is ahead, maybe quite a bit ahead.

What will Elon / Tesla AI team do now ?

Tesla stock is down because of unrelated events, I am accumulating leaps.

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The players in this game are just warming up. Way too early to start picking winners, of which there should be quite a few, since barriers to entry are low for now

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The barrier to entry is very high. Training models takes hundreds of millions of $ of compute.There was a rumor that OpenAI was raising money at a $7T valuation. The only ones that can compete are Mag 7 (or their partners).

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Its like the pre-history scene from every AI destroys humanity movie ever made. This is how it all starts … where do I get one?

Why do you think China, Korea, Japan etc. etc. are buying up truck loads of Nvidia GPUs and plane loads of ASML DUVs/EUVs?

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Highly unlikely that any of these countries will out innovate and compete with the talent in the Silicon valley. This is just fantasy.

A research note yesterday actually showed AI spending by country, especially AI talent by country, US is higher than combined ROW. Nothing surprising. Every country will invest because of recent US trends of weaponizing everything.

So why are successive US governments so desperate to stop the likes of China from using globally available technology like EUVs, without which today’s state of the art chips wouldn’t exist?
Perhaps because they’re afraid they can’t compete?

P.S.: Silicon Valley had nothing to do with some of today’s leading edge technologies, e.g. DUV/EUVs, ARM architecture, without which US tech industry would be in a very different place

Slowdown AI military use

If we are going to take that approach, the world will be very different, without technology sharing. Don’t forget China routinely steals technology from the west and western companies. It is a shame the western companies that fight frivolous patent charges in the west are willingly let Chinese factories steal their IP.

The saying “People in glass houses…” springs to mind :slight_smile:

It is rather well documented how the US was the world’s #1 IP thief back when it had very little technological knowhow of its own

’ Before the American Revolution, England had passed laws to ban the export of textile machinery and tools that might assist in the manufacture of cotton, linen, wool, and silk. Skilled mechanics were forbidden to emigrate upon pain of imprisonment. The US government defied that law, raiding British industrial secrets and wooing knowledgeable British textile managers, as Ron Chernow has described in his biography, Alexander Hamilton. This amounted to state-sanctioned industrial espionage — more evidence of duplicity, given that the US constitution explicitly protected IP.’

Trade Secrets: Intellectual Piracy and the Origins of American Industrial Power: by Doron S. Ben-Atar, Associate professor of history, Fordham University:
'In fact, the industrial revolution was born on stolen property, the author says. The country, in the form of Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and other policy greats condoned the stealing of mechanical and scientific innovations, some of which had been willingly shared with the colonies by England and Europe. Unauthorized reprints from British authors filled libraries and bookstores. European craftsmen were lured to American shores with promises of land, and industrial spies were dispatched across the Atlantic. Treasury Secretary Hamilton’s report to Congress in 1791, called “Report on Manufactures,” was a proposal for a federal program to engage in industrial theft from other countries on a grand scale.

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