AMD GPU chiplet design

AMD superstars and Corporate Fellows Sam Naffziger and Michael Mantor, with colleagues Mark Fowler and Mark Leather, have just had their patent on a new GPU chiplet design published. It seems they have cracked the scaling problem beyond reticle size.

“A graphics processing unit (GPU) of a processing system is partitioned into multiple dies (referred to as GPU chiplets) that are configurable to collectively function and interface with an application as a single GPU in a first mode and as multiple GPUs in a second mode. By dividing the GPU into multiple GPU chiplets, the processing system flexibly and cost-effectively configures an amount of active GPU physical resources based on an operating mode. In addition, a configurable number of GPU chiplets are assembled into a single GPU, such that multiple different GPUs having different numbers of GPU chiplets can be assembled using a small number of tape-outs and a multiple-die GPU can be constructed out of GPU chiplets that implement varying generations of technology.”


It will be interesting to see what they can bring to market.


The MI300 maybe?


More than just the reticle size problem – the idea of having chiplets that can flip between being independent GPUs and pieces of one large GPU based on workload is pretty interesting, to say the least. Or am I reading too much into this, believing that this can be done dynamically at runtime?