AMD: Together We Advance


A new company slogan/motto? I hadn’t heard this before.

I like it! Much friendlier than “Intel Inside®”.

AMD Opens Up Chip Design to the Outside for Custom Future…

The chipmaker detailed a modular chip future in which customers can mix and match non-AMD processors in a custom chip package.

“We are focused on making it easier to implement chips with more flexibility,” said Mark Papermaster, chief technology officer at AMD during the analyst day meeting late last week.

AMD will allow customers to implement multiple dies — also called chiplets or compute tiles — in a tight chip package. AMD already uses tiles, but is now welcoming third parties to make accelerators or other chips to be included in 2D or 3D packages alongside its x86 CPUs and GPUs.

AMD has been customizing chips for many years, most notably for gaming consoles made by Sony and Microsoft, but using mostly internal technology.

Customers want flexibility to meet specific organizational requirements, and are looking to integrate accelerators inside chips for applications that include AI and automotive, AMD executives said during the show.

“We’re going to make it much easier to add third-party IP as well as customer IP to that chiplet platform,” said Lisa Su, AMD CEO, during the conference.

AMD needed to expand its chiplet platform for technologies it acquired from Xilinx, which makes FPGAs and AI accelerators, and Pensando, which makes networking chips.

“We’ve gotten a lot of positive customer engagement so far when you think about hyperscalers, when you think about 5G in automotive,” Su said, adding, “these are big opportunities where people want to customize and we want to be their partner of choice.”

“We’re happy to be ISA-agnostic here,” Su said.