AMD launches first 5nm ASIC Media Accelerator Card with AVI

AMD Unleashes Alveo MA35D Media Accelerator: First 5nm ASIC Design, AV1, 1W Per Channel, $1595 US (

AMD revealed the new Alveo MA35D media accelerator that features two 5nm, ASIC-based video processing units, or VPUs, which support the AV1 compression standard and are purpose-built to power a new generation of live interactive streaming services at scale. The global video market is overtaken 70% of live content, such as low-latency, high-volume interactive streaming applications, watch parties, live shopping, online auctions, and social streaming.

Interesting that AMD bringing out 5nm vpu’s in mass (profitable) while INTC still trying to get 7-6nm cpu’s out (or am I mistaken on this)…doc

## AMD Launches Alveo MA35D, The First 5nm ASIC-based Media Accelerator Card With AV1 Encoding & Efficient Decoding Capabilities

The AMD Alveo MA35D media accelerator will deliver high channel density, powering up to 32 times the 1080p @ 60fps streams per card. Power efficiency and ultra-low-latency performance are crucial to lowering the inflated infrastructure costs that are now demanded in scaling such compute-intensive content. Compared to the previous Alveo U30 media accelerator, the new Alveo MA35D delivers up to four times more channel density, maximum lower latency in 4K resolutions, and almost two times greater compression efficiency to reach the same VMAF score—a standard video quality metric.


They thing that is “new” here is the transition to TSMC N5. Intel started shipping a similar product last year, but on TSMC N6.

I suspect Nvidia also has a similar product, but I have not been following this too closely. I didn’t realize it was such a big market as to bring in all the players:-)

Makes me wonder if INTC has a competing product and what is the stepping…doc

Another good little look at Qualcomm AI video accelerator and the new AMD Media Accelerator…doc

Anyone else notice that Motley Fool runs a lot of articles on AMD? I just looked up news on AMD at yahoo and four of the first 6 articles on the list were from the fool. One from Investingdotcom about a butterfly spread and one from Zacks regarding the price drop that day. I don’t think you get a lot of good information from yahoo and I lump motley fool into that category…doc

Well, AMD is widely followed, so it follows that the Fool would play into that in trying to attract paying subscribers.

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