AMD has Arm APU in works for 2026

Not that surprised but relieved and gladdened to see it


Yup. AMD’s best TOPS score seems to be 39, so apparently MS did this just to screw AMD. :blush: See AMD unveils Ryzen Pro 8000-series processors — Zen 4 and AI engines come to the commercial market | Tom's Hardware

So, would you call Qualcomm stock (QCOM) a good buy at this point? I’d think so, even though it rose 100% in the past year. Does it still have a lot of room to grow? Market cap only 226 billion and PE of 27.

Well, Intel didn’t have anything that came close to qualifying either. I suspect they set the bar at the level Qualcomm could achieve to boost them, rather than doing it to screw AMD or Intel for that matter.

Would I buy Qualcomm at this point? I probably should pick up a little. Right now I’m letting NVDA and AMD mostly run but I do try to spread my bets a bit. Data center construction, electricity/solar, air conditioning, Microsoft and other vendors putting AI into their stacks, all kinds of places.

On the other hand if I ditched some of these ideas and put more wood behind fewer arrows I.might be growing faster than I am right now

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Yea, I “diversified” with a basket of about 20 TMF Stock Advisor picks 2 years ago, and so far, many of those have been losers <cough> LMND </cough>. On the other hand, the AAPL, AMD and AMZN stock I’ve bought and held for the past 20+ years has allowed me to become a millionaire several times over (at least on paper).


That is a strong indicator to trim your holdings and have more cash. The market is at an all time high, the world has a ton of uncertainty, and between the courts and the presidential election, I could easily see a major correction coming. But the main reason (which I ignored to my detriment) is that you could have life changing amounts of cash. When I first joined TMF late last century, I could have sold half my AMD, paid the taxes, paid off the mortgage, and every month reaped the benefits thereof for over 20 years.

If you are very confident that the Republicans will sweep in November, they are certainly going to make Trump’s tax cuts permanent. That eliminates the risk of those cuts expiring next year and your taxes going up when you sell. I don’t know what will happen. Will Trump be convicted or the Democrats hold at least one house? Those tax cuts will then expire.

These days I have cash on the sidelines. We have a lot of our investments in CDs or in dividend stocks. I am doing my very best to not be the pig I was in 1999. AMD has been very good to my bank account even though I missed several opportunities to sell high and then buy low. The rest of your life will have far fewer worries if you lock in a happy retirement. My wife is still rather unhappy that I lacked the wisdom to sell at many peaks every though there were far more subpeaks where if I had sold I would earned far less. Every day you don’t sell you are making the decisions that 1) those stocks right now are going up and 2) you are investing money you can afford to lose. The macro environment right now and the immense gains you have made suggests it may be the right time to protect your future.

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Re LMND: When life hands you lemonade, pour it down the sink…

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