Amzn, PYPL

There are many starter stocks if we went by motley fool’s choice to own that have given no return past 11/2 yr (amzn)or getting crushed like pypl to begin with, how can it be that even the basic stock picks are so awful for paid subscription?

review the following chart. The chart came from much better than what the Pied Pipers provide. Who’s to say they are frontrunning their recommendation or PNDing it.…

review… that will save your ASSets all the time.

Something to ponder,

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Hi, Ni2020.

The companies recommended for investment by the TMF premium services are chosen because of the analysts’ strong conviction in their long-term (3-5 years or longer) business growth potential. They are not recommended because of an anticipation for short-term market gains. Right now, we are in a severely down market, crushed by the uncertainty of inflation, high energy prices, global sanctions and the threat of the war in Ukraine expanding into the larger European theater, triggering a direct US military response.

The market does not like uncertainty and is throwing a tantrum.

What I would ask myself is whether the business operations of a company have fundamentally changed. I’m not talking about revenues or costs being squeezed or inflated due to short-term economic trends, but whether the long-term (3-5 years or longer) business strategy remains sound. That’s the Foolosophy that has been proven to build long term wealth.

Who would encourage you to post your concerns to your Service Community discussion boards as this is a Freemium Community discussion board…

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